Convenience Is Just As Important To Education As Variety Private School’s Digital Textbooks And Classes

Not all children take well to their school environment. A frustrating, yet common, fact of life.

Some show their incompatibility with the school’s structure by skipping classes. Others attend class, but have their grades slowly dip over the course of the school year. Parents can find themselves at a complete loss when trying to get their children up to speed. It’s not as simple as switching to a different school model…is it? As it stands, the private school model is a tried-and-true resource that brings out the best in any student.

Smaller classroom sizes. More access to college counseling. Below is a list of the most notable benefits that come with switching to the best private schools.

Improve Your Child’s Grades With More Attentive Teachers

When your child’s grades are slipping, it’s often a sign they’re not getting the attention they need. Private schools have smaller classroom sizes that rarely exceed 15 students, all with the intent of providing one-on-one experiences. Not only that, but private school teachers are in a constant cycle of teaching and reaching out to parents. According to a recent study, 20% of public school teachers report student apathy to be a significant problem in their school. Compare and contrast this with private schools, where less than 5% of teachers admitted the same.

Increase Your Own Involvement Week By Week

It’s not just private school teachers who will bring out your student’s best. The best prep schools are always reaching out to parents for ongoing feedback, be it on grades or extracurricular activities. A similar study to above revealed 25% of public school teachers report a lack of parental involvement as a problem in their school. Just 3% of private school teachers, however, stated the same. When reaching out to your preferred school about their digital textbooks, make sure to ask about your role in the student development process.

Seek Out College Counseling Services Early

College is an expensive investment. Ease the transition from high school to a postsecondary institution by ensuring your child receives the best grades. Private schools are highly flexible, providing a mixture of new digital textbooks and old-fashioned knowledge. According to recent studies, an impressive 95% of all non-parochial private high school graduates will go on to a four-year college. The national private school SAT score has much to do with this — it sits at 1235, compared to the 1060 of today’s public schools.

Nurture A Budding Artist With Art High Schools

Does your child love to draw, act, or sing? Give them a headstart in their future career by signing them up for an art high school. These provide much of the same basics as your standard high school location with an artistic twist — think arts camp and a higher volume of performing arts extracurriculars. You don’t have to wait until your child is in high school for them to attend, either. The best preschools in Miami will give your little one a taste of a stronger education in small intervals.

Make The Switch To Digital Textbooks In 2020

The best private preschools, middle schools, and high schools are strewn throughout Florida. Enjoying their benefits can start as early as 2020 if you meet with a school representative. Recent studies have found nearly three million students enrolled in private elementary schools. This number is expected to grow higher as parents become more attuned to the unique benefits of the private model. Ask your representative about the convenience of digital textbooks and whether or not they provide arts camp.

Positive change is right around the corner. Embrace it with the best preschools in Coral Gables.

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