Community Playgrounds A Place Where Children Can Receive the Outdoor Exercise They Need

The importance of young children engaging in healthy activities cannot be stressed enough. Since many children enjoy playing video games, watching television shows, and interacting with other types of electronic devices, they may not be getting enough exercise or fresh air. It’s also important for children to interact with others, and one of the favorite places for doing so is at the local playground.

Outdoor Versus Indoor Play

Unlike their parents’ generation, many children spend less time outdoors playing. Currently, research has shown that children play outside an average of about four hours every week. Their parents, on the other hand, would have spent 8.2 hours playing outside when they were children. One of the contributing reasons for this is the popularity of electronic devices, such as video games.

While 83% of parents do believe it’s important for their children to be technologically savvy, other parents would rather have their children play outside. This was the response from nine out of ten of the parental survey participants. Quite a few parents are concerned about the amount of time that their children spend interacting with electronic devices. This amounts to 66% of the parents surveyed.

Recommendations for Children’s Healthy Activity Levels

The Sports and Fitness Industry Association has provided an “active to a healthy level” classification for physical activity. In order to meet this level, children only need to engage in 25 minutes of exercise three times per week. It’s important to note that this physical activity needs to be high-calorie-burning. According to the association’s findings, less than 33% of children actually meet this minimal level.

Brain Development and the Importance of Outdoor Play

While children of all ages benefit from playtime, younger children in particular require it in order to stimulate their brain development. According to several studies, children within their first six years may experience future limitations when they don’t have opportunities to engage in regular gross motor activities. Furthermore, research also indicates that when children reach the age of five and haven’t developed motor skills, it is likely that these skills will never be developed. It’s been demonstrated that when children engage in outdoor play, these vital skills can be encouraged and nurtured.

Playground Equipment for Schools, Parks, and Recreational Centers

If your playground equipment needs replacement parts, it makes sense to have it repaired rather than have an entirely new system installed. There are a variety of repairs and replacement parts available that can assist you with saving money on your overall budget. You may, for example, need commercial swing set accessories. In addition to commercial swing set accessories, you may be interested in adding a handicap swing to your existing equipment. In case your playground borders have become weather-worn or otherwise damaged, these, too, can be easily restored.

Once you speak with a representative to find out about commercial swing set accessories and other equipment, you will be able to learn more about other available parts and upgrades. Since children benefit from outdoor exercise, they deserve a well-maintained playground where they can play.

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