Common Fencing Mistakes

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Fencing is an important part to anyone’s yard. However, some fencing contractors just can’t get it right. This video shows common mistakes you want to avoid as a fencing contractor.

The first mistake is to not locate the underground utilities. Gas, plumbing, and electrical lines all run beneath the ground of the home. If you break one of these during the excavation for the fence, you are looking at a very expensive problem. In some cases, like electrical wires, the problem can be dangerous, too.

The next mistake is not putting the fence post deep enough. If you live in a climate with harsh winters, set the posts below the frost line to prevent misalignment from heaving. Get the posts at least two feet below the surface, no matter where you live.

Another mistake is to use pre-built fence panels. These panels are easy to put in, but will leave your fence with gaps near the ground. The pre-built fences can’t adjust to uneven terrain and small gradations in your yard, so they don’t protect all of it. You need an expert fence contractor to do the right job.

For more information on fencing, check out the video in the link above.


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