Choosing the Right Childcare Service

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Choosing the right daycare for your child can be a difficult decision to make. This article will give you tips to identify the right childcare service for your highest priority.

The first thing to look for is licensing. Most childcare services have licensing that they share on their website, but you can always check with your state if you’re unsure.

Check for violations, too. It’s not unusual for childcare providers to have violations, but you want to be aware of so-called red flag violations, like child abuse or safe-sleep violations.

Visit the center multiple times before you decide. You want to take in the total environment, even the smells! Ask yourself if the children and the childcare providers seem happy.

Make sure the childcare service has an open-door policy that allows you to come in and see your child anytime. Other than the obvious fact that they are your child and you should be able to see them whenever you want, it also prevents the childcare providers from abusing your children.

You also want to check on the ratio of students to teachers. Taking care of kids can be a handful, and you want at least one other co-teacher present to ensure the safety of all the students.

For more information on what to look for in your childcare service, watch the video above.

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