Carbon Fiber Canes and Why You Should Get One

Every year, one in four older adults will take a fall, and for over 50% of them that fall will happen in their own home where they least expect it. Two million of America’s seniors will have to visit an emergency room to be treated for injuries that took place when they fell. For the elderly, there are two causes of falls that are most common. One is dizziness when standing up or walking, and the other is simply unsteadiness. If you’re feeling increasingly unsteady as you age, or if you love someone who is going through this natural effect of aging, a carbon fiber cane can make all the difference.

  • Using canes is a normal part of aging for many people. Nearly 6.8 million people in the United States are using some kind of assistance device, like a cane, in order to improve mobility. In fact, almost 40% of people over 85 have to use a mobility device, whether it be a carbon fiber cane or a cane with a seat. More than 10% of people over the age of 65 are using a cane, and 70% of all people who use any mobility device are using a cane. Using a cane is a way to stay active, secure, and independent for longer.
  • How to know when it’s time to use a cane. Making the choice to get a carbon fiber cane can seem daunting; almost as if you’re giving up or giving in. The reality is that a cane makes it easier for you to keep on! If you find yourself reaching for furniture all the time as you walk around the house, it’s probably time to get a cane, especially if you’re out of the house and don’t have access to your familiar furniture arrangement to steady you. Another sign that it’s time to get a cane is if you have a pet around the house and are experiencing balance issues. One of the main reasons people fall around the home is trying to avoid tripping on a pet. Finally, if you’re starting to drag a foot or limp on one side, then it’s time to get a mobility aid. Any sort of change in the way you walk can eventually lead to muscle imbalances and falls.
  • Why carbon fiber canes make sense. Carbon fiber canes offer the latest in lightweight, strong cane technology. They are far lighter and stronger than even titanium canes. The material that goes into these canes is used in aircraft and high-performance racing and sporting equipment, meaning that you can rest your weight on it securely without any fear of breakage. The light weight will be exciting, too, as you a carbon fiber cane weighs only about a pound and is so convenient to carry you might just forget you’re even holding a cane! Carbon fiber can be crafted in any color and style you like, too, so you can be sure your cane will have the style and look that you prefer. They also come in a wide variety of grip styles, and a carbon fiber folding cane or carbon fiber folding walking stick is especially convenient.

A cane is not a surrender to the aging process: it’s a way of fighting back and keeping your mobility and independence for as long as possible. If you’re feeling unsteady or dizzy, don’t wait till a fall pushes you to get a cane. Take a look at the many stylish canes available on the market and choose something that will help you feel good about yourself while still keeping you safe.

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