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Church steeples

Churches come in all shapes and sizes. Some churches are quite modest in appearance while others are extremely grand with prominent church steeples and embellished interiors with detailed woodwork, stained glass, gold leaf artwork, and sculptures.

Church pews have become common in many churches, although they were not used for about 1000 years of church history as it was more common to walk around during a church service. It was not until the Protestant Reformation that churches were furnished with permanent pews for church attendees.

In the 1840’s and 1850’s renting pews was controversial, particularly in the Church of England. This is when “Free Churches” started popping up. Today permanent church pews are more common, while the construction and materials may vary. Some churches have pews that are made of wood and quite simple and others may be cushioned and have footrests.

When it comes to building a church or restoring an existing church there are many design options to consider to make the best choices for your church. You can find builders of the important details like church steeples and church furniture in a variety of styles to suit your church and your church goers. From traditional to modern, there are many choices available.

You can browse selections online of church steeples and church pews for sale to get an idea of what is available to you. Because church steeples announce the location and presence of the church in way, you want to choose the right church steeple for your church. The pews that your church goers sit in should suit your worshippers as well. Find out more today about your church design options.

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