Are You Preparing for a Whole Home Furniture Remodel?

Everything old is new again.

In the hallways at school you saw a gal yesterday with glasses like the ones you wore in high school. You decided to bring them to school and show your students. Apparently, they really are cool again! You have been teaching almost 20 years so you are obviously not the oldest teacher in the building. When the students reacted to your vintage pair of classes, however, they made you feel older than you are. They wondered why in the world you still had those classes after all those years and how you were able to find them.

To be fair, if you were in high school 20 years ago, that means that you graduated before any of your current students were born. Instead of feeling old, you simply turned their questions and surprise on its head and announced that you have always had good taste. You have always known what was worth keeping and what could be thrown away.

From vintage eyeglasses to vintage decor and specialty furniture pieces, you have always loved the classics, and when something you used to wear or own comes back in style again you are not only excited, but nostalgic as well.

Vintage Decor, Vintage Furniture, and Vinage Clothing Holds Its Value and Beauty

Scan through any social media feed and you will likely see images of furniture and other home decorations. And if you look closely enough you will likely find that some of the items that are garnering the most attention are actually pieces that are exact replicas of pieces from the past. Some, in fact, are actual vintage home furniture pieces that have been well cared for or restored. From unique vintage home lighting pieces to luxury furniture items that have been passed down for generations, there are many designers and individual home owners who really enjoy the opportunity to mix and match new pieces with classic vintage items.

According to a recent Furniture Today survey from 2016, research indicates that both online and brick and mortar consumers expect to have their purchased furniture delivered within a month. And while this is sometimes pretty easy if you are ordering an in stock item at a showroom in town, some of the online deliveries used to take longer. To be able to compete, however, it is important to know that shipping costs, even expedited shipping costs have to be competitive.
American consumers, on average, are willing to spend $2,200 on a living room redecoration, but they are often not willing to pay more for delivery and often expect these costs to be absorbed into the price that is listed. Interestingly enough, although consumers are often turned off by shipping costs, they are frequently willing to pay more for vintage decor or pieces that have a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, vintage furniture is so popular among U.S. consumers that nearly 57% of those surveyed by Furniture Today expressed a preference for vintage pieces. In comparison, an earlier 201 Furniture Today survey indicated that as many as 70% of consumers are willing to spend more for furniture containing eco-friendly materials. So much so that the majority of them are willing to pay an additional 20% for sustainable furniture.

We live in some fast changing times, but for many of us there is some comfort in knowing that some of the vintage clothing, furniture, and even eyeglasses, that we have spent money on in the past is popular again!

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