5 Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System in Your Home

Whole home water filtration

Drinking water is incredibly important. If you don’t have a water softener or water treatment system in your home that uses reverse osmosis to clean out the water, this might be something that you should consider investing in. Having clean, filtered water coming straight from your taps is such a great investment. There are different kinds of water systems that can be used to purify your water but almost all of them work with reverse osmosis to get out chlorine and other toxins from your drinking and bathing water. You’ll notice such a difference the first time you drink your freshly cleaned water. Here are just a few things that will change.

Your Hair and Skin
Hard water is so rough on your hair and skin. If your skin is dry and your hair feels brittle, this might have to do with the quality of your water. Once you switch over your water systems and let reverse osmosis do its thing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and how much better your hair and skin will feel. You probably will feel like you don’t even need body lotion. And your hair- well, the silkiness and smoothness of the commercials will be back with a vengeance. You will probably need to use less shampoo and conditioner because the water will carry it through your hair better so you’ll save money there to.

Your Hydration Levels
If you buy bottled water or have one of those five gallon water dispensers at your home, that’s great. At least you aren’t drinking the tap water. However, if you run out and forget to buy more, there might be a few days that go by without you drinking any water at all. That is so bad for your body and you should not let that happen. Having purified, filtered water coming straight from your faucet will guarantee that you and your family don’t have to ever go without drinking water.

Your Immune System
With all of the elements in regular faucet water, your immune system is being broken down little by little. You don’t even have to drink a lot of it for this to happen. If you have clean water coming from your taps, you’ll notice that you get sick a lot less often. Part of this has to do with the increased amount of water that you’ll likely be drinking. The other part has to do with how your immune system will literally begin to rebuild it self without having the harmful chemicals in the faucet water to tear it down.

Your Risk for Disease
Part of the reason they started putting chlorine into the water is because they were afraid of waterborne diseases. Well, that might have helped out for those things but the amount of chemicals and elements that are now in the water to make it “safe” for drinking are completely working against us. Even chlorine has been showed to have links to cancer and other conditions.

Your Plumbing Repairs
Without the problem of all of those chemicals, you will be at less risk for rusk and needing various repairs in your plumbing. There also won’t be chemical build up on the sides of the pipes, causing them to crack or even burst. If you stop using chemicals to clean your sinks and toilets, tubs and showers then you’ll be even less likely to have so many repairs done so often anymore.

Reverse osmosis and all of the ins and outs of water filtration might not be a big deal to you but the above differences that you will notice are something that everyone could benefit from. If you have children in the house, they are particularly susceptible to the toxins and hazards of tap water. Maybe you would never let your children drink from the tap. Even so, if they bathe in it they are definitely getting some of it in to their system. This can happen by straight up drinking the bath water if they are young. Or, it could happen even by just letting the water drops fall on their face in the shower. It’s not worth the risk.

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