3 Reasons You Should Consider Adoption

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Having a child is one of the most important and sought after goals in many people’s lives. It’s when you decide to leave behind he thoughts of only “me” and “I” and begin a journey that includes another human life that relies on you for virtually everything. Unfortunately, there are a great deal of people that for one reason or another decide they are not ready for this life challenge and the child ends up in an adoption agency.

There are approximately 397,122 children living without permanent families in the foster care system in the U.S. today. An estimated 153 million orphans have lost one parent worldwide. Adoption certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those that are capable, financially and emotionally, of entering into this life should be encouraged to do so as there are thousands of children waiting to be loved by a new family.

Here are three reasons to consider visiting adoption agencies today.

  1. Struggles Conceiving: One of the most obvious reasons for choosing adoption programs is if you and your partner cannot conceive a child on your own. Perhaps the greatest thing that can come from a couple being unable to experience the miracle of life themselves is through the adoption of an orphan.
  2. Societal Issue: As personal of a decision as it is, adoption is a broader societal issue as well. American families adopted more than 7,000 children in 2012, according to the U.S. State Department. The average child in foster care will wait at least three years before being placed, and even then over half (55%) end up being placed three or more times. The abandonment of children will always be an unfortunate part of society, but by working together it can be reduced.
  3. Change a Child’s Life: About 87% of adopted children parents say they would “definitely” make the same decision to adopt knowing what they know now about their child. Adoption is a huge decision to make, but it will have an even bigger and potentially greater impact on the child you choose to give a new life to. Statistically, they will get smarter and have a better chance at getting educated down the line.

It’s impossible to put yourself in the shoes of an orphan unless you’ve been there, but it’s also impossible not to recognize the monumental impact choosing to adopt can have.

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