3 Reasons To Celebrate Having A Newborn Baby With Down Syndrome

When you go into the doctor’s office for a regular prenatal visit, it’s natural to not want any unexpected news. However, the unexpected happens every day and with it can come new joys, lessons, and love.

If your baby was just diagnosed with Down syndrome, let go of your worries. About one in every 700 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome and they go on to live lives just as fulfilling as everyone else in the country. Know these reasons to celebrate welcoming a baby with Down syndrome into your family and you’ll be just as excited as you were the day you learned you were pregnant.

Your baby is first and foremost a baby

If you just learned that you are expecting a newborn baby with Down syndrome, you may be focused on how your child is going to be different than if they didn’t have Down syndrome. What you may be forgetting amidst all of your worries is that you are still having a baby.

You are still bringing a little miracle into the world who will carry your family’s genes. Yes, if your child has Down syndrome baby features will look a little different, but they will look as much like your family as all of the other members. Even better, your baby will still add all of the usual newborn joys to your life.

Your baby will still reach the usual milestonesnewborn baby with down syndrome

For many parents, having a baby with Down syndrome means constantly comparing them to their friends or family members who have babies at the same age. Try to refrain from the comparison game and simply celebrate every one of your baby’s milestones as they come.

Although the milestones may come a little later than they do for other babies, they still come and are cause for celebration. In fact, many parents who have a newborn baby with Down syndrome find even more joy in their child’s milestones when they happen.

You can meet many others in the Down syndrome community

Luckily for parents who are still feeling overwhelmed by the news that they are having a newborn baby with Down syndrome, there are many support groups and resources all around the country. From educational programs to help your child reach milestones more quickly to books that guide new parents through the first years of raising their child, there is no shortage of help in the Down syndrome community. You will also be able to meet other parents of children with Down syndrome to share stories, advice, joys, and much more.

Parenting a child with Down syndrome is a journey just as parenting any child is. You’ll have your good days and your bad, but through it all you will have your beautiful child.

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