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Pre Wedding-Checklist of Things That Are Common To Forget

A wedding is a beautiful celebration filled with much love and happiness and lots of planning and scheduling. With this stated, it can be easy for busy brides and grooms to forget some important duties to complete during the festivities. To ensure you don’t overlook anything as well, we’ve highlighted nine of the most common forgotten wedding-related things: reserve wedding tents, solder rings together, book janitorial services, reserve a sunset boat tour, schedule body contouring treatment, get dermal filler treatment, order custom signage, book professional makeup services, and purchase custom embroidery. Read on and review this list and study your wedding events timeline and plan accordingly by making reservations with the appropriate individuals.

Reserve Wedding Tents

If you plan on having your wedding outdoors, reserving a tent might be just the ticket for keeping your guests shaded. Once the tent arrives, you can be confident that you’ve created a space that keeps your guests comfortable, no matter the weather. A wedding tent also protects the dinner tables, decorations, and wedding cake from outdoor elements, such as high winds and insects. In addition to the convenient shelter, the wedding tent can be a fantastic opportunity to nail the wedding theme with large decorations. For example, the lofted ceilings in the tents are the perfect place to put elegant drapery or dazzling chandeliers that’ll take the ambiance of the celebrations to the next level. Plus, tents are a great place to incorporate other beautiful small decorations in a protected area, such as foliage, colored tapestry, hanging lights, and more. Lastly, don’t forget that wedding tent rental companies commonly have various tent shapes available for rent to brides and grooms. These options can offer some personalization for a wedding. For instance, wedding tents can come in numerous designs: framed, hike peak, and pole tents. In addition to the shape, you can rent wedding tents with a clear top and sides or accompanying coverings for optimal privacy. All these options are essential to consider and will vary based on how many guests a wedding will have and the theme the bride and groom are going for.

Solder Rings Together

Before the wedding celebration, one or both partners might have an initial engagement ring that will accompany the new wedding band given on the big day. If this is the case for you, soldering the two rings together before the wedding day is important. Soldering is the process of merging the two rings through heat. Getting this process done has many benefits. First, soldering the rings together will protect them from rubbing against each other and eventually corroding. Especially if you have a custom engagement ring, soldering the rings together will ensure they remain in good condition for many years ahead. Additionally, soldering the rings together will prevent the rings from sliding around on your finger and possibly falling off since the result will be one single ring that’s customized to fit your finger. To get this process complete, research jewelers near you and schedule when you can come in to drop off the ring and discuss specific measurements. Since this process takes about one to two weeks for an average professional, look at your wedding events timeline and drop it off in time.

Book Janitorial Services

With the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, it might slip out of mind who will be cleaning after the ceremony and reception is complete. While some brides and grooms delegate this task to friends and family attending the celebrations, it might be best to leave this up to the professionals. First and foremost, hiring a cleaning company will ensure that everyone attending the wedding can be completely present during the event and not have to worry about tidying up the venue. Plus, a janitorial service comes prepared with all cleaning products and equipment needed to clean up. Hiring professionals will save money in the long run since the stuff can add up to a hefty cost for those with little to no cleaning supplies beforehand. Before contacting a cleaning company for your wedding, check with your venue and the services they offer within their rental price. For some venues, the cost of cleaning is in the final bill. If this is not the case for your situation, contact professional cleaners as soon as possible to ensure a company has availability on your wedding events timeline.

Reserve a Sunset Boat Tour

Nothing is quite as romantic as reserving a sunset boat tour within your wedding events timeline. If you’re at the right location, this might be the perfect thing to book for your actual wedding day. But if your venue doesn’t allow this, a boat tour could be more fitting for a honeymoon. For some couples, honeymoon planning seems to be an afterthought since all their time is spent on planning the big day. With that considered, planning and reserving remarkable excursions for the honeymoon can be worthwhile and ensure that your trip is a success. While spending time on the boat, you can have quality time with your partner and reminisce on all the happiness that’s surrounding the past few weeks of all things wedding-related. The boating excursion might offer other accommodations, such as delicious meals and water activities during these reservations on your honeymoon. On this sunset boat tour, you’ll make lasting memories with your new wife or husband while snorkeling, fishing, water skiing, and more.

Schedule Body Contouring Treatment

Body contouring treatment, also known as body sculpting, is changing the shape of a body area through non-surgical methods. According to IntroLift Medical Spa, there are four main methods to receive this treatment. First, individuals may undergo cold treatments, which use extremely low temperatures to damage fat cells. Heat treatments are an alternative that includes using laser technology to fatty areas of the body. Ultrasound energy is another option for body contouring. This type of treatment uses ultrasound energy to get rid of fat. Lastly, radiofrequency body sculpting, which uses radiofrequency and heat, is also an efficient way to complete body contouring. More often than not, the treatment is best if an individual has fatty tissues they want to get rid of before a big event, such as a wedding celebration. Some factors that might contribute to the decision to get sculpting and contouring are body type, pregnancy, weight loss, aging, and certain medical conditions. While the process only takes about thirty minutes, you can expect the results to last five to ten years. Since sculpting and contouring take little time, medical spa professionals should have no issue working around your wedding events timeline.

Get Dermal Filler Treatment

Dermal filler treatment might interest you if you have wrinkles, sagging skin, or asymmetrical facial features you want to address before the big day. To put it simply, dermal filler treatment is a non-surgical procedure that healthcare providers perform to enhance various facial features. There are primarily four different fillers that individuals can choose to get, per Cleveland Clinic. First is the hyaluronic acid filler. With this filler, your skin will look plump and hydrated, leaving you more youthful for about six months to a year. The calcium hydroxylapatite filler works similarly but is specifically for deep wrinkles. This dermal filler treatment is known to last about one year. Other types of filler are poly-L-lactic acid and polymethylmethacrylate filler. Both types of fillers are a little stronger and can last for two or more years. A dermal filler treatment (depending on the type chosen) usually takes about thirty minutes to an hour. Since getting into a medical spa office to receive a dermal filler may include a long waitlist, it might be best to contact these professionals as soon as possible and see when your wedding events timeline allows a break for it.

Order Custom Signage

Ordering custom signage for your wedding is something that will take personalization to the next level for you and your partner’s wedding day. On the custom signs, you can add names, dates, or even quotes special to you and your spouse. This type of decoration is special and will help guests understand the personalities of the couple getting married. In addition to creating something individualized, the custom signage can help nail your wedding theme by incorporating specific colors, fonts, and florals. For example, if you’re wedding is classic and sophisticated, you can order a sign made of cursive calligraphy and neutral colors. On the other hand, a more rustic or bohemian wedding can have custom signs with dark wood and colorful typography. In addition to small signs, you can purchase larger ones that can act as a backdrop for the cake table, photo booth, and wedding party table. Custom signage might also be the perfect thing to order if you’re wanting signs that include information for guests about various things. For instance, you and your partner might want clear directions about the wedding events timeline, table numbers, directions, and special seating arrangements. Custom signage is the way to go to make the big day organized but still beautiful.

Book Professional Makeup Services

Once looking at your wedding events timeline, you’ll soon realize that you need to book the appropriate professionals to assist with the getting ready process the morning of the wedding celebration. In addition to hair styling, makeup services assistance is a great investment. Many benefits come along with this decision. First, professional makeup artists will come prepared with high-end makeup products that will last throughout the entire day. If you chose to purchase all of this makeup on your own before the wedding (which you might never wear again after the celebrations), it’ll likely add up to a high price. Additionally, booking professional makeup services will alleviate stress the morning of the big day. The getting ready process of a wedding should be a joyous time spent with the closest friends and family, and having to not fret about bringing all needed beauty products and applying them correctly can be a big load off. Booking professional makeup services is also great for the morning of the wedding day to feel pampered. These professionals use this getting ready time to ensure your needs are met and that you enjoy the entire process, making the morning of your wedding perfect. Lastly, this service is a great way to ensure you accomplish a specific look you’re going for on your wedding day. The artist will arrive with knowledge of all things cosmetology and understand which makeup styles look best for professional photography. Plus, the artist will know how to follow specific requests such as natural, dewy, airbrush, HD, and matte makeup. Because makeup professionals are commonly booked, especially around busy wedding seasons, it’s essential to reserve this service as soon as possible.

Purchase Custom Embroidery

Similar to ordering signage for your wedding, custom embroidery is a great way to incorporate personalization into your wedding day. On the custom embroidery order, you can include quotes, floral designs, and more. When exploring your choices, you’ll soon realize that these embroidery services can incorporate custom designs on many different facets of your wedding day. For brides, you may want to order an embroidered bouquet keepsake, to wrap around it and cherish for the years to come as a remembrance of the day. For grooms, you can get an embroidered tie patch or handkerchief for keepsakes and special recollections. Additional items to order include jean jackets, ring bearer pillows, wedding veils, table numbers, escort cards, cake toppers, and more. Depending on the custom embroidery services hired, the time needed for the order to be done will vary. With this stated, it’s essential to consider your wedding events timeline and contact the appropriate professionals as soon as possible. Once talking with these embroiderers, you’ll realize that the options are close to limitless when it comes to custom orders for weddings. So, explore your options and see which types of keepsakes with embroidery mean the most to you and your partner.

To conclude, checking off all the boxes while you’re in the midst of wedding planning is essential. The last thing you want is for you and your partner to forget a task that would make the wedding experience that much more special and effortless. With that stated, begin today by contacting the appropriate professionals and explore when they can fit into your wedding events timeline.

Backyard Play Sets Finding the Perfect Fit for Small Yards


A backyard play set can enhance your yard while offering lasting memories for your family. However, before installing your play set or any play equipment, you must evaluate the available space and prepare the area. This enhances safety while maximizing the fun for your young ones. So how do you find the perfect fit for your backyard adventure playset? Here’s your detailed guide.



Evaluate Available Space



How small is your yard? Which play equipment fits in the small space perfectly? You must evaluate the space carefully, especially if you have a small yard. First, evaluating your backyard space allows you to determine the suitability of installing a playset.



Depending on your choice, a play set has various components to enhance the play experience. This includes a climbing frame, a swing set, or a playhouse. Consider a smaller set if your yard can not accommodate certain play equipment. Ideally, your yard should have enough space for the play set and an additional (around six feet) of clear space for safety.



Select a Suitable Location for the Playset


You should get the play set measurements first before choosing an ideal location for the play set. You’ll usually find this information on the manufacturers’ website. The measurements will help you find a suitable spot for your backyard adventure playset.



When selecting the right spot for your play set, ensure it’s free from large rocks, tree stumps, and roots. Also, there should be no contact with utility power lines, low-hanging branches, or other obstacles. Such obstacles could pose risks to children using the play set.



Prepare the Site for Playset Installation



Once you’ve identified a safe, suitable spot for playset installation, it’s time to prepare the area for installation. Avoid installing the playset without prepping the site, as it may cause safety hazards for your little ones. So how do you prepare your yard for a backyard adventure playset installation? Here are some tips.



Clear the Area

Your yard must be free from debris or objects that may obstruct the area and pose safety risks. Safety should be your primary concern when installing a backyard adventure playset. So, you must keep the area clear and free from any obstacles.



First, if you have overgrown trees or shrubs in your yard, you should clear the vegetation. For this, you should trim the overgrown shrubs, bushes, or tree branches that may infringe on the play set area. Be sure to eliminate any poisonous vegetation or thorny plants that may harm your little ones while they are having fun. You might need tree experts to help you clear the vegetation safely.



Rather than removing trees altogether, you might consider tree shaping so that the branches don’t grow towards the play set area in your backyard. This also adds to the beauty of your yard, increasing your home’s value.



Next, identify and remove tripping hazards such as large rocks, exposed rocks, or uneven surfaces. Then, clear any fallen branches, rocks, or leaves from the area where the play set will be installed. You can use a rake or broom to gather and remove the debris and clear the ground.



If any outdoor furniture, garden tools, or other loose items are in your yard, relocate or secure them properly. This helps prevent accidents or damage during the playset installation. Also, it provides more space in your small yard for a playset installation. Clearing the area provides good accessibility, allowing the children to access the play set easily. It also allows them to move freely and engage in various play activities without any hindrances.



Level the Ground

Your backyard playset should be installed on level ground for stability and safety. The base of the playset tower needs a more even ground to maintain stability. So, you should level the surface if your small yard is uneven.



There are various things you can do to level your yard, depending on its condition. And sometimes, you need professionals for excavation. At a basic level, you’ll need tools, including a shovel, wheelbarrow, rake, string and rope, and a measuring tape to level your yard’s surface.



Start by outlining the designated area where the playset will be installed. Then, measure the slope with a string or laser. Continue removing topsoil from the highest points until you achieve your desired level. You can also rake the soil around until each side is leveled. Use a wheelbarrow to transport the excess soil. Distribute the remaining dirt evenly across the area with the help of a shovel. Then, compact the soil gently with a tamper to ensure durability.



Remember to test the surface for stability. To do this, apply pressure to the ground (walk on it) to ensure it’s stable enough to hold your playset. This also helps prevent settling or playset movement after installation.



Consider a Landscaping Service



If the area isn’t level, even after trying the above steps, you might want to hire a landscaping service to help you out. Landscaping professionals have the expertise and tools necessary to assess the terrain and make necessary adjustments to achieve a level surface.



First, they’ll visit your yard and assess the extent of the unevenness. They’ll examine soil composition, identify grading issues and evaluate the overall landscape to determine the best approach for leveling your yard.



A landscaping service may recommend grading or excavation if the unevenness in your yard is significant. This involves removing excess soil from high areas and redistributing it to fill low spots.



Sometimes, you might need landscaping material such as gravel to level the ground in your small yard for a playset installation. The best thing about hiring a landscaping company is that they know what to do and have the right experience and tools to do it.



Tick Prevention


Lawn care and prevention are crucial for your backyard adventure playset installation. A well-maintained lawn provides a clean and safe environment for children to have fun. It also promotes a stable and secure footing around the play set, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.



Therefore, it pays to regularly care for your lawn through activities like removing debris, trimming overgrown grass, and watering the grass around it. If you’re using a hose to water the grass around the playset, ensure you install a hose clip to stop water leaks.



Additionally, you should consider a pest removal service to eliminate ticks and other pests that could transmit diseases to your children during their time outdoors. You’ll find these pests in grassy and wooded areas of your yard. You can get rid of the pests by regularly mowing the grass around your yard and keeping it short.



Though not considered pests, bees could cause a safety hazard to your children in your backyard. So, before setting up a backyard adventure playset, ensure the area is free from bees. If there are any, consider hiring a bee exterminator to help eliminate bee infestations and prevent bee stings.



If you’re a beekeeper, you should transfer your bees somewhere far away from your yard. Remember, your children will be actively running and playing, increasing the risk of accidental bee stings.



Also, the presence of bees around the play set area could discourage some kids from fully enjoying and engaging in outdoor play activities. And although bees are generally not aggressive unless they feel threatened or provoked, early precaution is ideal for safety.



Other Safety Considerations



If you have an outdoor HVAC system or vents, try to secure them properly and, if possible, keep them out of reach of children. You might want to transfer them away from the play set installation area so that your children won’t reach them when they’re running around playing. You can contact a reliable HVAC company near you to help secure your HVAC units.



If you have a pool within your company and near the yard, consider hiring a reputable pool contractor to discuss safety measures. This can include fencing the pool to keep children away from it. This will help keep your children safe as they enjoy a great time outdoors. Additionally, make sure you install your pool at a place where you’ll still have enough space for your backyard adventure playset.



Keep Your Garage Closed



Kids can be curious at times. They can easily switch from using a swing set to exploring the environment around them. This is why you need to keep everything around your small yard safe for them. You need to ensure that your kids don’t go to places they aren’t supposed to be.



For instance, if you have a garage located just next to your yard, keep the garage door closed at all times. This is because kids can get hurt while in the garage. If you don’t have a garage door yet, consider garage door services to help you keep your garage out of bounce to your kids. You could also incorporate special features such as sensors such that you’re notified whenever someone tries to open the garage door.



Check for Underground Utilities



If your yard requires digging and excavation to level the ground, find out if there are any underground utilities like gas lines, electrical cables, or water pipes. And even if the ground is leveled, you still need to check for underground utilities before installing the playset. This helps prevent accidental damage during the installation process. Therefore, ensure you get in touch with your local utility companies before digging or installing a play set in your backyard.



Address Drainage Issues



You don’t want water standing in your yard, especially where you’ve installed your playset. Therefore, you should address any drainage issues even before installing the backyard adventure playset. How do you address these problems?



First, observe your yard during and after rainfall to determine where the water flows or pools. Look for low-lying areas with standing water. Also, pay attention to areas in your yard where water causes erosion. From there, you’ll know the best solution to address the drainage issue.



For instance, consider installing a French drain to collect or redirect water away from your yard. Remember, the location of the French drain is crucial, as drainage should flow downward by gravity. You can install a French drain if you have the skills and resources or hire a landscape company to do the job.



Also, cleaning your gutters and adding downspouts might help address the drainage issue in your yard. Sometimes leaves and other debris clog gutters, causing them to overflow. Removing the debris might prevent leaking and overflowing. Also, adding an extender drainage pipe to your downspouts can help drain water away from your yard.



Additionally, you could consider amending your backyard soil with organic matter to help improve its drainage capabilities. This enhances soil structure, allowing excess water to move through easily. If you can’t find a suitable solution to your yard drainage issues, consider a landscaping professional to help you.



Consider Adding a Safety Surface Beneath the Playset



Adding a safety surface might also be useful for a backyard adventure playset. The surface minimizes the risk of injuries from falls. You have many options, including wood chips, rubber mulch, and synthetic turf.



However, you should ensure that your safety surface meets safety standards and offers adequate cushioning. Remember, children often climb, swing and play at various heights on a playset. As a result, accidental falls can occur, leading to injuries. A properly installed safety surface cushions the impact, limiting the severity of the injuries and offering a softer landing.



A safety surface can also enhance accessibility for children with disabilities or mobility challenges. It allows them to move safely on their wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility devices. This allows everyone to access and enjoy the playset without any limitations.



Even with a small backyard, your children can still enjoy a backyard adventure playset. It all boils down to selecting a suitable playset and preparing your small yard for installation. For instance, you must ensure the area is leveled, safe, and accessible for your young ones. Remember, if you can’t prepare your yard for a playset installation, don’t hesitate to request professional help.

Features of the Most Romantic Restaurant for an Anniversary Dinner

Ensuring a romantic restaurants night with a special someone is tricky, but nothing sets the tone better than the perfect romantic restaurant. Although, it may be difficult to budget for such a romantic night out. Are romantic restaurants pricey?

When it comes to romantic nights out, the restaurant you choose can make all the difference. Choosing the perfect spot to share quality time with your partner requires more than just a quick Google search. Follow these tips to find the most romantic restaurant for you.

First, think about what kind of atmosphere you would like for your romantic night out.

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Consider if you want something bright and loud that will get your adrenaline pumping or a more intimate and romantic setting. Opt for the most romantic restaurant with dimmed lights, soft music, and cozy seating. This will help to set the mood for a more romantic evening, rather than one filled with distractions.

Second, be sure to inquire about the type of food the restaurant serves. Participating in a shared culinary experience can be incredibly romantic, whether it’s trying something new or indulging in a favorite dish.

Third, think about where the restaurant is located. Consider what kind of view it provides, and whether it’s near any romantic sights or seafood restaurants. For example, if you’re in a city, rooftop restaurant provides a unique perspective and unparalleled views of the city skyline.

Follow-Up Tasks After a Car Accident Heres What You Need to Know

It’s important to know the right steps to take after you get involved in an auto accident. Among the first ones should be to call your insurance provider and let them know. Depending on how things go with them, you may decide to switch to another one, in which case you can look for a reliable auto insurance group online. You can do this by using “save money car insurance phone number” or even “insurance policy checking” in your research.

Before you commit to a specific provider, find out details such as whether they offer an open policy car insurance, and more. If they can provide you with solid quotes insurance details, you can give them a call and learn more about their offerings. If you feel like they’ll be better than your current insurance providers, you can go ahead and sign up for their services.

Keep in mind that the premiums you have to pay will also differ from one provider to another. Settle for one with a solid reputation but reasonable premiums that won’t break the bank. As a result, you can drive more confidently as you know that you’ll be protected from a number of occurrences that might impact your car.