The 10 Benefits to Installing Metal Roofing

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If you are looking to put on a new roof or replace your existing roof, there are a lot of reasons to talk to metal roofing contractors about putting one in. Here are a few reasons metal roofs are great.

  1. They last a long time. After you have your metal roofing contractors finish your job, you will not need another roof installed for a very long time. If you take proper care of your metal roofing, it should last at least 50 years. If you opt for a metal roof that has been coated with an aluminum zinc alloy, it can last you up to a century. By contrast, a traditional asphalt roof will only last 20 years.
  2. Metal roofing needs very little in the way of maintenance. When homeowners are dealing with traditional, asphalt shingles, the same cannot be said. Shingles will blow off in wind, rain or snow storms. They are also vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. The typical American homeowner spends between 2 and 4% of their home’s value every year on roofing maintenance. That adds up. If you do have any problems, metal roofing contractors can usually deal with it quickly and efficiently.
  3. It will keep you and your family safe from fire. Steel does not combust. Moreover, it has a Class A fire rating. That is best fire rating possible for a roof. Most traditional asphalt roofs only get a rating of B or C. It is true that it is possible for a metal roof to catch fire but it is much, much less likely with steel roofing.
  4. Metal roofing can keep you and your family safe from wind. Whereas traditional asphalt roofs are often damaged by high winds, a metal roof can withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour. If you live in part of the United States with severe weather, this can give you more peace of mind.
  5. It can also offer you and your family protection from rain and snow. You are much more likely to have problems from rain and snow with a traditional asphalt roof. The material is just more prone to damage and may have already been weakened by the sun or wind. These are not problems for metal roofs.
  6. It looks great. There are good things about all kinds of roofs but metal roofs look really great. Metal roofs are clean looking, modern and simple. They go well with just about any style of house.
  7. Metal roofs can be tailored to your style. When you talk to the metal roofing contractors, you may be surprised by the vast array of options they offer you for the look of your roof. There are a number of different styles they will offer you. You have more than 100 colors to choose from. There are nearly an endless combinations of colors and styles. You can make your metal roof match your exact style.
  8. They will cut your energy bills. Metal roofs are given an Energy Star rating and the government often offers inceptives for people to buy them to save energy. Asphalt roofs attract and trap the rays from the sun. These are reflected by the metal roof and the result is a home that can be up to 100 degrees cooler. That means you will spend a lot less on your bills to cool your home. Some estimate that a metal roof will cut as much a quarter of a home’s utility bills.
  9. Metal roofing is good for the environment. When metal roofing contractors put in your roof, it will contain anywhere between 30 and 60% recycled metal. Moreover, the entire thing can be recycled when the roof reaches the end of its lifespan. Asphalt roofing is sent to landfills when it needs to be replaced.
  10. Metal roofing is light. That means it can be installed without removing your current roof. The average meta roofing will weight somewhere between 50 and 150 pounds per square foot. Other forms of roofing weigh a lot more. You will find that your metal roofing does not need as many supports as your other roofing options.

Metal roofing is good for the planet, can protect you and your family from the elements, will save money and will last a long time.

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