Five Tips For Cleaing Your Home After A Flood

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Whether we like it or not, natural disasters are something that Americans have to deal with. According to a recent study, 41 million Americans live in flood zones. Flood losses have increased exponentially over the last 30 years with an average of $96 billion per year in damage from 1985-2014.

In the wake of major hurricanes like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, it’s important to learn what to do should your house flood or even if your basement floods. With that in mind, here are five helpful tips on how to clean your house should it flood.

  • Check Everything Out: Before you get to cleaning, it’s important to know the extent of the damage. There will be some cleaning you can do yourself, but keep in mind that any severe damage is likely going to require professional house cleaners from a cleaning service. Check to make sure nothing is contaminated and that there aren’t any water sp