Nearly 70% of People Turning 65 Will Require Three Years of Home Care?

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Geriatric care management

It is difficult to forget the frustration you felt that Saturday morning in July.
When you told our dad you would drive 75 miles and join him at the 40th Annual Antique Tractor Exposition and Flea Market, he was thrilled. His other plans had fallen through. Not surprisingly, when you are 84-years old you do not always have a large crop of friends and relatives who want to join you on these weekend excursions. One friend was in bed letting the medicine from the latest epidural shot take effect and give him relief from his back pain. Another younger companion had commitments that he had made to his wife and her family and was out of town for the weekend. Not to be deterred, your father said he was still planning to attend the event that he had not missed once in the last 15 years. And while he sai