Need to Move During the Semester? Hire a Professional Moving and Storage Company

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While many people in the United States never move away from their hometowns, others do so around 12 times throughout their life. If you’re a renter, chances are you may move more often, particularly if you’re a student.

A recent survey showed that many students move to attend college. Approximately 77% of these students have moved into new communities at least once, while 56% of people with or without a high school diploma have moved as often.

College graduates, however, tend to live in several states. For some, this may be to attend graduate school. Others may be moving to a new state to explore employment opportunities or to begin a new career.

When it’s time to change apartments or houses, especially when the school semester is in full swing or you’re experiencing the crunch of finals, h


The Top 4 Reasons to Cave in and Hire a Professional Moving Company

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Everyone knows that when life gives you lemons, the best thing you can do is to roll with the punches and make lemonade. Despite knowing this, not many do it, and even less try to sweeten the deal with a sugar or honey. Life throws lemons in a variety of different ways, from searching for a new job, starting a new job, entering a new relationship or ending one, experiencing medical or health set backs, and then there’s moving.

Moving can be one of the most stress things a person can experience, and can definitely be considered one of the more sour lemons that life can throw your way. This is especially true if you’re attempting to move on your own without the expertise, help, and muscle of a professional Continue Reading No Comments