Four Things You Need to Know About Apartment Rental Scams

Written by Family Magazine. Posted in Luxury apartment rentals, Luxury apartments wheeling, Wheeling apartments for rent

If you’re in the market for luxury apartment rentals, you’re probably feeling that pressure to just grab a furnished apartment before someone else does. After all, 33% of all those who rent will be moving each year, and it can be hard to find the right place. If you have pets, for example, this can cause all kinds of problems; in 2014, two thirds of pet owners reported that they had a hard time finding a rental that would let them bring their pets. All the pressure and stress of finding a place can make you feel like you have to say yes before you’re ready. Before you pull the trigger on any luxury apartment rentals, here are some scams you need to know about and avoid.

Fake Sublet Opportunities

It’s a common scam: sublets offered on gorgeous luxury apartment rentals. Only problem? The person offering the sublet doesn’t actually rent the place. They’re actually subletting themselves, and to make money in their last few weeks there they offer it up to as many parties as possibl