Get Outside Why Playgrounds Are Important for Children

Written by Family Magazine. Posted in Bike parking, Indoor swing set, Playground rubber

Today’s children need playgrounds more than ever before. Less than 1/3 of children play outdoors or get a healthy level of play in. This is described as playing for at least half an hour three times a week-don’t children deserve more than that? Is there a way to find a solution to this problem? Thankfully there is, by having more playgrounds and playground equipment for schools. Here’s why kids need them.

Playgrounds Help Children Socially and Mentally

Over 1/3 of parents say their children spend too much time on pads, tablets, and phones. Having activities such as playground climbers can make a difference in increasing the amount of activity children engage in. Playgrounds allow them to meet up with other children, which can engage kids socially and mentally. It helps them make new friends and keeps them from feeling isolated. This might no