Quilting A Five Millenia Old Tradition

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Memory quilt patterns

They are for graduation. The birth of a child. Marriage. Even a family member leaving home. And while throughout most of history they were used for bedding to keep warm, today’s can be seen as art. There are even exhibitions.

Quilting dates back to 3400 BC, to the times of the Egyptian dynasties. In fact, quilting can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and also Ancient China. Both traditions used three layers (the top, the batting (for warmth), and backing) were stitched together to keep the middle layer from slipping and clumping.

Quilting, as a process, still involves those basic principles. There is a woven cloth “top,” a layer of batting or wadding, and then a woven “back”; quilters, then, sew all three parts together.

Today, 21 million people quilt in the United States. At the time of t