Four Tips for your First Off-Campus Student Rental

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One of the most exciting rights of passage is signing the lease on your first apartment. For college students, finding student rental units near your campus is a great way to transition into independent living while still having support from your school and friends. Off-campus housing may not be as perfect as you’ve imagined, though. Here are four tips to find and maintain your first apartment or student rental.

Know What is a Must-Have…and What Isn’t

Some apartment buildings will charge extra for add-on’s like fitness centers, WeWork spaces, professional grade kitchens, etc. Those are great perks for working professionals, but if you’re still an undergrad student, you don’t need them. Instead, you’ll want to know what amenities are available, how far you are from the campus, whether parking is included, and whether you and your roommates will have private rooms or study spaces. Make a list of a few practical needs and narrow your search to those, such as “off campus h