Do You Have a Loved One Who Is Showing Early Signs of Dementia?

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Even without the internet your father has always been well informed. Even though he and his wife seem to always have two televisions going at the same time your father has always been able to glean the most important news. When you visit all you ever seem to hear is stories about rugged outdoors people foraging their way through the tundra, but your father seems to know when to call his stock broker and load up on some low priced shares. Even when you swear they watch nothing but shows about pawn shops, your father still knows the latest world and national news.
The day he misspoke about who the president was different.
Your father who once offered your daughters each $50 if they could memorize the names of the U.S. presidents in order slipped back a few decades and spoke as if Regan were still in office. For the rest of that day your dad seemed to be more measured any time he spoke. He seemed to either be choosing his words carefully or rehearsing them in his head first before