Three Reasons Why You May Need An Adjustable Bed

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Adjustable beds

Sleep is something that everyone needs. At the same time, not all of us get the amount of sleep that is right for us. While the National Sleep Foundation reports that the average person needs seven to nine hours of sleep to be properly rested, only 56% of Americans say that they get the amount of sleep they need 43% say that they would feel a lot better if they got the amount of sleep necessary. Those numbers, of course, are regardless of how many hours of sleep the poll respondents actually get. The thing about sleep is that many of us think that we’re getting the sleep we need, when in fact we aren’t. You may feel rested when you initially wake, but if you’re getting less than the recommended amount of sleep eventually the effects will show. In fact, most people who get less than seven hours of sleep


How to Get a Much Better Night of Sleep

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Adjustable beds

Sleep is an important part of our daily cycles. Without sleep, we are prone to greater risks of health conditions, higher stress levels and lower levels of productivity. However, even though most people understand the importance of sleep, many still struggle with getting a good night of sleep. There are many reasons that someone might not sleep comfortably and throughout the entire night, including pain or discomfort, a spouses loud snoring while sleeping or the inability to relax and shut off the brain and its many thoughts. Although there is not always a way to guarantee a great night of sleep, there are steps that someone can take to increase their comfort and their likeliness of comfort and relaxation.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, altho