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New Age Addiction Treatment Methods That Actually Work Wonders

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Alcohol addiction

Whether it’s Adderall addiction treatment, cocaine addiction, methadone addiction, opiate addiction, or even alcohol addiction, it’s safe to say that addiction treatment methods have a come a long way in terms of improving for the better and becoming even more effective. Methods of treatment that were once considered “alternative” or “outside the box” are now apart of standard drug and alcohol treatment processes and therapies. Nowadays, the majority of treatment facilities offer a variety of what are known as s


6 Tips for a Great Adult Footed Pajama Slumber Party

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Pajama onesie

The South by Southwest Interactive Festival hosted the largest ever adult footed pajama party. There were 309 guests and it was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records. It was thrown by Steve Pandi who founded Jumpin Jammerz. If you think you want to have your own footed pajama party, you may want to consider an adult slumber party. These are great ways for adults to reconnect with their youth and unwind from their stressful and often overbooked lives.

Your Guide to Throwing a Great Adult Footed Pajama Slumber Party:

  1. Schedule a date. The hardest part of setting up this kind of party may be finding the right date to have it. Doing on the weekend may be your best bet for getting people who do not want it to interfere with their work and career. To get th