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Five Tips For Cleaing Your Home After A Flood

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Whether we like it or not, natural disasters are something that Americans have to deal with. According to a recent study, 41 million Americans live in flood zones. Flood losses have increased exponentially over the last 30 years with an average of $96 billion per year in damage from 1985-2014.

In the wake of major hurricanes like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, it’s important to learn what to do should your house flood or even if your basement floods. With that in mind, here are five helpful tips on how to clean your house should it flood.

  • Check Everything Out: Before you get to cleaning, it’s important to know the extent of the damage. There will be some cleaning you can do yourself, but keep in mind that any severe damage is likely going to require professional house cleaners from a cleaning service. Check to make sure nothing is contaminated and that there aren’t any water sp

The Benefits of Modular Storage Furniture for Home Craft Businesses

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Since there are usually 300,000 items in the average home, quite a few of these may be quilting and other types of crafting supplies. When it’s time to get creative, many crafters may not know where they’ve stored all of the supplies they’ll need for a project. It’s not unusual for some people to purchase what they need and then set it on a shelf or in a drawer until they have time to create. Unfortunately, many people will forget where they stored these items, and may even repurchase items that they already have. While these items may still be put to good use for another project, it can be an added expense.

How to Create More Crafting Time

How much time do you spend looking for lost items? According to the Daily Mail, people spend quite a few hours looking for items that they’ve misplaced. This amounts to about 3,680 hours over their lives. Research indicates that every day, people lose as many as nine different items. This amounts to 198,743 over the course of


A Look At The Moving Industry In The United States

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If you’re wondering how to choose the right moving service, you are certainly not alone. The question of how to choose the right moving service is one that many people ask themselves, as many people move all throughout this country of the United States and even beyond it. In fact, there are currently more than thirty five million people in this country alone who move each and every year, either out of the country entirely or even just to a different state – or somewhere nearby to their old home. Moving happens for a number of reasons, from wanting to move to a neighborhood with good schools if you are looking to start a family in the years that are to come or needing to move for work. And there are some parts of the country that see a higher influx of people moving into them than others, such as the states of New York, Illinois, and, finally, New Jersey. These states make up the total destination of around sixty three percent of all movers in the country of the United States alone.



Vacation Time Is Good For Your Health Where Should You Spend Your Next Weekend Off?

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It’s time to face facts. You need a vacation.

Taking time off isn’t just about kicking up your feet and enjoying a little downtime. It’s also about prioritizing your mental and physical health. Today’s average working American is in serious need of a few days off, with burnout at an all-time high and mental health days starting to be taken just as often as flu days. Condos for sale in Vancouver are a great place to start if you’ve been wondering just how a vacation could have you feeling like your old self again. With a beautiful environment and convenient location, this lovely seaport is a go-to destination.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common questions people ask when fine-tuning their next great escape.

What Do Americans Think About Vacations?

This may seem like an unusual question to start


Four Tips for your First Off-Campus Student Rental

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One of the most exciting rights of passage is signing the lease on your first apartment. For college students, finding student rental units near your campus is a great way to transition into independent living while still having support from your school and friends. Off-campus housing may not be as perfect as you’ve imagined, though. Here are four tips to find and maintain your first apartment or student rental.

Know What is a Must-Have…and What Isn’t

Some apartment buildings will charge extra for add-on’s like fitness centers, WeWork spaces, professional grade kitchens, etc. Those are great perks for working professionals, but if you’re still an undergrad student, you don’t need them. Instead, you’ll want to know what amenities are available, how far you are from the campus, whether parking is included, and whether you and your roommates will have private rooms or study spaces. Make a list of a few practical needs and narrow your search to those, such as “off campus h


The Best Ways to Purchase a Home

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Most of our lives are fairly mundane but every now and then we’ll be called on to make a big decision. Thankfully, we don’t have to make these decisions often but, when they do arise, they can be very complicated and very stressful. There are a lot of larger things to consider when making a big purchase or a big decision and it can take weeks or even months to think through it all. A more concrete example might help to understand this idea as it can get kind of complex. Let’s look at a single woman in her late twenties living with her family in northern Colorado. Now, this woman, let’s call her Jess, is going to be moving with her family soon to another state. She’s a visual artist and sculptor who has a fair bit of money saved up in her own name but to save on rent she’s living with her parents and siblings. So, with her extra funds and maturity in relation to her siblings, she offers to help her parents find and pay for this new home. It’s a bit of an unusual situation but they accep


A Look At The Benefits Of Attending Private School In the United States

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From private preschool to the best schools for performing arts high schools, private schools are becoming more and more common all throughout the entirety of the country of the United States. In fact, as many as twenty five percent of all schools in the United States are now private schools – including private preschool, private elementary school, the best middle schools, and private high school. Simply put, more and more parents are making the active choice to give their children a private education, even from the very beginning in private preschool. And though it might seem like a little much to send your child to a private preschool – and to private school for many years after that – giving them a private preschool education gives them a chance to get the best educational start possible in life, something that is absolutely invaluable and irreplaceable.

Private preschool in becoming partic


Four Things You Need to Know About Apartment Rental Scams

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If you’re in the market for luxury apartment rentals, you’re probably feeling that pressure to just grab a furnished apartment before someone else does. After all, 33% of all those who rent will be moving each year, and it can be hard to find the right place. If you have pets, for example, this can cause all kinds of problems; in 2014, two thirds of pet owners reported that they had a hard time finding a rental that would let them bring their pets. All the pressure and stress of finding a place can make you feel like you have to say yes before you’re ready. Before you pull the trigger on any luxury apartment rentals, here are some scams you need to know about and avoid.

Fake Sublet Opportunities

It’s a common scam: sublets offered on gorgeous luxury apartment rentals. Only problem? The person offering the sublet doesn’t actually rent the place. They’re actually subletting themselves, and to make money in their last few weeks there they offer it up to as many parties as possibl


How Best to Sell a Home

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Homes have changed a lot in the past twenty years. The market and the homes themselves are different and require different considerations when moving into or moving out of them. It used to be that you had to search through newspapers and periodicals to find or sell a home and it took several steps after that to cement how and where you were going to find your new home. It wasn’t easy and younger readers might not remember or know how hard it was. For example, if you lived in a rural area, there might not be other people around for miles and miles outside of your area. Selling a home in areas like this was and still is hard but it was especially hard before the internet when communication was only via mail and phones. In urban areas it might have been a little easier but not by much. In urban areas, the homes were closer but there was still the matter of finding one at the right price and in an area that you love and actually want to live in. It is easier now, of course, to find a home