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Why Store Those Outgrown Clothes When You Can Donate Them to a Good Cause?

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American red cross donations

Now that the season is changing yet again, you have probably been going through closets and cupboards. If you have young children, you may have discovered that it’s time for their summer wardrobe, and perhaps a few new outfits in anticipation of their returning to school in the fall. Once you’ve piled together everything that doesn’t fit anymore, you can call for a Red Cross clothing pickup!

Not only will the Red Cross accept used clothing donations, they will also conveniently pick them up at your home, office, or organization. Red Cross donations help this non-profit organization provide relief to families and communities in need. You may be aware that this organization is open 24 hour


Do You Feel Safe in Your Home?

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Security cameras

The news of the latest police officer shooting in New York City sets off high emotions across the country. As the world listens to the frantic radio call from one police officer who is reporting that his partner has just been shot ambush style, Americans become increasingly worried about their own personal safety.
Given the frightening stories that are on the news every night, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are inquiring about the installation of home security systems. From complex video surveillance systems to more simple security system installation, the home security systems that are available to Americans continue to expand in an effort to meet t