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Find Great Summer Ideas for Your Family Online

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With the kids off from school and scheduled vacation time ahead for you, the parent, summer is the perfect time to make the meals, do the activities, and plan the trips that will bring you closer together as family while maximizing the fun. But with your busy schedule, you may not have an awful lot of time to plan. Perhaps by the time you get home and the days tasks are over, you are too exhausted to brainstorm summer activity ideas.

Online family magazines can be great resources that save you time and kick start your creative energies as you come up with great ways for your family to spend the summer. Whether you are looking for simple craft ideas to better remember the familys summer vacation or you need a quick raspberry sorbet recipe that your kids can help with, the right family magazine online can provi


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Tips for Hip Parenting in Your Hip Pocket

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This just in… mobile technology is not a fad. Smartphones, tablets, and even wearable computers like the forthcoming Google Glass are cementing the mobile computing world into our daily culture. And while the new technology obviously fits well with specialized fields like medicine and scientific research, the benefits for everyday life are not too shabby either.

Parenting, for example, is perhaps one of the oldest fields known to human kind. While the advice of friends and family members has been vital throughout the millennia, these days our circle of acquaintances has been extended to potentially include the entire planet, as social media and the Internet draw us all together as one big happy human family. The upshot is, family advice is more abundant than ever, and from hundreds of thousands of di